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Memory Concerns

Alban House Care Home

Care for: Dementia, Detention under Mental Health, Mental Health, Old Age, Physical Difficulties, Sensory Impairment, Alzheimers, Huntington Disease,
Multiple Sclerosis.


Burrow House

Care for: Dementia, Old Age, Physical Disability, Alzheimers.




Dementia Care Service

You can self refer to the Dementia Care Service call 0300 1232029 or email: devon@alzheimers.or.uk

Devon County Council and Alzheimer’s Society – Dementia Care Service

Dementia Support workers can give help and advise on:

  • Info and progression of the different types of dementia – what to expect and h ow to manage it.
  • Dealing with health and social care of someone with dementia.
  • The benefits available to support the carer and the cared for.
  • Legal issues – e.g.power of auterney
  • You can also get a dementia support worker who will visit you and give you practical support

Dementia Carers

A refuge run solely by fellow carers and volunteers for those who find themselves caring for a loved one suffering from dementia in any form. The message board lets us exchange ideas and experiences. We can help each other!