Cow lane before
Cow lane before
Cow Lane after
Cow Lane after

The One Ilfracombe Town have now begun a campaign to tackle the Town’s grot spots and areas that are blighted by fly tipping and litter.

Public and local agency feedback identified the worst areas and the Town Team chose Cow Lane to start a focused enhancement campaign


One of the main issues in Cow Lane was the constant fly tipping and leaving bins in the lane. Town Team members, that included environmental officers from North Devon Council, Police Officers and Fire Officers engaged extensively with residents in the area to make sure that bins were only placed out on the bin collection day.


Letters were also issued to those in the area reminding them of their responsibilities regarding litter collection and warning consistent offenders that action would be taken if they didn’t adhere to the rules. The Town Team are also working with landlords and local businesses in the area to make sure the area is clean and tidy.


The Town Team have also arranged extra bins and recycling boxes for those who have needed them.


During the focused clean up the area has continually monitored and warning letters were issued to anyone whose evidence was found in rubbish at the bottom of Cow Lane.


Further work was also done on the area, for example it was targeted during part of the Town Team clean up day, and it has been litter picked and regularly patrolled for dog fouling.


Rowan White, North Devon District Council Environmental and Dog Warden said: “We will continue to monitor the area, with initial feedback from local residents of the lane saying it is much better.”


Steven Seatherton, Ilfracombe Town Council and Town Team Manager said: “Areas like Cow Lane have been blighted by fly tipping and litter. This hasn’t helped with bins and bin bags being left out for days on end which is encouraging seagulls to rip into them. We have been working hard with local residents to find ways for them to store their rubbish until their collection days. In some cases we have provided new wheelie bins and recycling bins. For those who continue to leave their rubbish out and continue to litter we have been gathering evidence and will look at fines if necessary. Cow Lane is much cleaner now and we will continue to monitor to make sure it is kept clean.”


Steven added: “This is another example of how the Town Team is bringing frontline agencies together to tackle Ilfracombe’s problems. Five different agencies (North Devon Council, Ilfracombe Town Council, Police, Fire and Devon County Council) and volunteers are working together as part of the Town Team to tackle issues that are real concerns of the town’s residents. “


The Town Team will continue to monitor the area and further enforcement maybe required if further evidence is found. The next areas that will be targeted include – Tarry Lane, Friendship Lane and Northfield Lane.