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Ilfracombe Dog Patrol

 May 2016

 The Dog Watch scheme was designed to enlist the help of dog walkers in not only the fight against crime and antisocial behaviour, but also in keeping an eye out for vulnerable people. In the current economic climate and with cuts to Police resources ongoing, additional eyes and ears can be invaluable in allowing those resources to be targeted where they are most needed.

Dog walkers, who take their pets out in the same area day in day out, often more than once a day, are ideally placed to notice events or situations that are out of the ordinary. They can become a useful addition to existing neighbourhood watch schemes and can cover vastly more ground than Police patrols.

Jointly One Ilfracombe and the Police with the support of North Devon Council, Ilfracombe Town Council, Safer North Devon, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, Tesco and the Dog Trust launched Ilfracombe Dog Patrol on May 2016.  20 people were signed up in one day.

To be part of the scheme dog walkers will need to come to the Ilfracombe Centre. They will be registered with One Ilfracombe and will be provided with a similar welcome pack to the Lancashire scheme. The dog walkers will be given a wider remit, to look out for Crime, ASB, Welfare Concerns, Fly Tipping, Dog Fouling, Abandoned Vehicles and Obstructions to name but a few. They will be given the Town Team contact number for environmental and community issues, along with Police contact numbers for crime, ASB and welfare concerns. The dog walkers could also be signed up to Community Messaging, allowing Police to update them with information about incidents and appeals.

For more information please contact the Ilfracombe Centre.