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HIGH TIDES – Thurs 19th Feb to Mon 23rd Feb

Ilfracombe will be experiencing super high tides this week which could cause flooding in the Town, particularly the harbour area. As yet we are unsure of the predicted weather  but early indications are for wet weather along with brisk winds. We have been advised by The Environment Agency that there is a risk of flooding in Ilfracombe, this risk will increased if there is bad weather. The Environment Agency have advised people to prepare for flooding in the harbour area and for people to take additional care on coastal paths because of the increased risk of flooding.

The High Tide times are as follows:

  • Thursday 19th Feb – 06.05hrs (tide height 9.8m)
  • Thursday 19th Feb – 18.29hrs (tide height 9.8m)
  • Friday 20th Feb – 06.50hrs (tide height 10.1m)
  • Friday 20th Feb – 19.12hrs (tide height 10m)
  • Saturday 21st Feb – 07.35hrs (tide height 10.2m)
  • Saturday 21st Feb – 19.55hrs (tide height 9.9m)
  • Sunday 22nd Feb – 08.18hrs (tide height 10m)
  • Sunday 22nd Feb – 20.37hrs (tide height 9.6m)
  • Monday 23rd Feb – 09.01hrs (tide height 9.6m)

Sandbags are available at the Ilfracombe Centre.

For further information please visit environment-agency.gov.uk/flood

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