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Ilfracombe Spring Clean – Dog ‘poo campaign’, 21st – 25th April 2015

Clean it up!
Clean it up!

Whilst dog poo is a topic that may cause some people to chuckle, One Ilfracombe is aware of how emotive and strong the subject is in the town and are hoping to tackle and educate as part of the Ilfracombe Spring Clean next week(21st – 25th April).

Members of the One Ilfracombe Town Team (including the Police, Fire, Street Cleaners, dog wardens and other front line agency staff) will be patrolling the streets looking out for anyone who does not pick up their dogs mess. They will also be giving out free dog poo bags and leaflets to help the campaign.

Kate Shimmell, One Ilfracombe Volunteer Co-ordinator and Town Team member, said: “Dog poo not only looks awful on the streets of Ilfracombe but it carries diseases and bacteria. The vast majority of dog owners always clean up after their pets and we’d like to thank them for that. However, it only takes a few irresponsible owners to tarnish not only other owners, but the whole community.”

“To help support our ‘Poo Campaign’ please collect some FREE poo bags from The Ilfracombe Centre reception.”

If you’d like to help on the poo campaign, please get in touch with Kate Shimmell on 855340 or at The Ilfracombe Centre.