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Living Well Together Project

In January 2015, One Ilfracombe invited its partners who are involved in delivering health and well-being services in Ilfracombe to join forces in order to:

  • To develop and implement a Joint Strategy for creation of a local “health and wellbeing” service that is constantly improving its integration and effectiveness.
  • To support people to live as full and independently as possible for as long as possible by:
    • providing services people need
    • in the way they that is right for them
    • and that reduces the health inequalies that currently exist between Ilfracombe and the rest of Devon.
  • To join up services more effectively to meet the needs of the service user, reflecting the approach of the One Ilfracombe Town Team which promotes the concept that ‘any partner’s door is the right door’ for access into health and wellbeing services
  • To support and make best use of the local charitable, voluntary and community sector provision together with the non-NHS services that contribute to a person’s health and wellbeing including education, housing, employment, personal safety and benefit services. These will be brought into a co-ordinated overall service provision with statutory health, mental health and social care.
  • To have co-design and co-production with service users, carers and families at the heart of the service and the emphasis will be on prevention, self- management and supporting communities to help themselves.
  • To use this work will be used as a basis for influencing future commissioning.