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Interested in Getting Connected Online?

Connect Online – helping people to not be isolated by using IT

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The Connect Online project has been stalled for a while due to various technical and staffing issues. However, it is now back on track and nine older people have taken part so far.
Kerry Turton and Jan Kennedy set up laptops at Pinehurst Care Home and four residents watched while Jan explained and showed some of the facilities they might find useful. All four residents have Dementia and we were concerned that it may not be as appropriate for this group. This proved to be the case, although the residents did enjoy the time spent looking at photos sent through on emails, google maps showing their home towns where they grew up, and looking for their family members on facebook. The aspect that went down best was playing youtube clips of Vera Lynn and Bing Crosby, which made the four ladies quite animated as they sang along.
The second outing of the Connect Online team saw Jan and Sam Scott meeting residents of the Candar at Ilfracombe library. Five people from the Friday morning coffee morning arrived and we asked how much knowledge and use of computers they had. All had some experience but said they were fine when they being showed on a short course but as soon as something went wrong they didn’t know how to recover and where to get support.
They again used facebook to search for family members, which proved very successful as they were able to see photos of their families on the screen, and to see what they were up to. Google search was popular, with some looking at their holiday hotels, and sending a message to ask about facilities, as well one lady looking at the church in Stroud where she was married.

The second session at the library was altogether more successful due to the client group, and although the Candar residents are not socially isolated, the feedback they gave makes us believe that this is certainly a major deliverable in helping tackle social isolation.

For more information and how to get involved with this project, please contact Jan Kennedy – 01271 855338 or email janet.kennedy@northdevon.gov.uk